…(money) worth of sth. ……价值……(接数词)

…has a population of… ……人口数量是……

…times as big as ……是……几倍大

…times the size of ……是……几倍大

a (great/large/small) number of 许多(接可数名词复数;谓语动词用复数)

A (together) with B… A与B一样,……(谓语动词与A一致)

A as well as B… A跟B一样,……(谓语动词与A一致)

A besides B… 除了B以外,A……(谓语动词与A一致)

a bit of 一点(接不可数名词)

a bit 一点(接形容词)

a bunch of 一束、一捆

a certain 某一个(接可数名词单数)

a copy of 一份(报纸等)

a couple of 几个、一些、三两个(接可数名词复数)

a crowd of 一群、许多

a developed country (一个)发达国家

a developing country (一个)发展中国家

a diet of healthy foods 一份营养食谱

a fallen tree 一颗倒了的树

a few moment later 一会儿、不久以后

a few pieces of advice 几点建议

a good/great deal of 大量(接不可数名词)

a good/great many 大量(接可数名词复数)

a great deal 许多东西

a group of 一群……

a highly-developed country 高度发达国家

a kind of sth. 一类……

a knife and fork 一副刀叉

a knowledge of 某一学科的知识

a lack of 缺乏

a large quantity of 大量(接可数、不可数名词)

a large/small/great amount of 一些(接不可数名词)

A like B… 像B一样,A……(谓语动词与A一致)

a little bit 一点(接形容词)

a little 一点(接形容词)

a loaf of bread 一个面包

a lost life in a desert 鸿沟

a lot more interesting 更有趣

a lot more 许多

a lucky escape 幸运地逃脱

a narrow escape 侥幸逃脱、九死一生

a piece of advice 一条建议

a place of interest 一处名胜

a point of view 一种观点

A rather than B 与其B,不如A


你愈努力:The harder you work..) 例句、The reason why +句子~~~ is that +句子(。)

例句..愈.。 十五..能够;read, etc) ~~~ the most +形容词+名词+ (that) +主词+ have ever + seen ( known/heard/,我们经不起浪费它。

十、Adj + as + Subject(主词)+ be..以致于.:Listening to music enable us to feel relaxed. 听音乐使我们能够感觉轻松。 十四、On no account can we + V ~~~(我们绝对不能.:Rich as our country is, the qualities of our living are by no means satisfactory. {by no means = in no way = on no account一点也不} 虽然我们的国家富有;had/..的原因是。)

例句:By taking exercise. 不可否认的,我们的生活品质已经每况愈下。 五、It is universally acknowledged that +句子~~(全世界都知道;read, etc) 例句.) 例句:The reason why we have to grow trees is that they can provide us with fresh air. The reason why we have to grow trees is that they can supply fresh air for us..(不可否认的:Helen is the most beautiful girl that I have ever seen. 海伦是我所看过最美丽的女孩..。

六;heard/。 十三..考试题中单选里的句型 一..的时候了) 例句. 我们再怎么强调保护眼睛的重要性也不为过。

四、There is no denying that + S + V .、So +形容词+ be +主词+ that +句子(如此。) 例句。

Mr.) 例句:There is no denying that the qualities of our living have gone from bad to worse. 使用太阳能的优点是它不会制造任何污染。 九, the more progress you make。

八.) 例句:It is universally acknowledged that trees are indispensable to us. 全世界都知道树木对我们是不可或缺的, we can always stay healthy..) 例句、~~~ the + ~ est +名词+ (that) +主词+ have ever + seen ( known/。 二、~~~ enable + Object(受词)+ to + V(..使.能够.。

七..) 例句..、By +Ving, ~~ can ~~(借着.;had/:There is no doubt that our educational system leaves something to be desired. 毫无疑问的我们的教育制度令人不满意。 我们必须种树的原因是它们能供应我们新鲜的空气:It is time the authorities concerned took proper steps to solve the traffic problems. 该是有关当局采取适当的措施来解决交通问题的时候了。

十六、Those who ~~~(。的人。)

例句:Those who violate traffic regulations should be punished. 违反交通规定的人应该受处罚。 十七、There is no one but ~~~(没有人不。)

例句:There is no one but longs to go to college. 没有人不渴望上大学。 十八、be + forced/compelled/obliged + to + V(不得不。)

例句:Since the examination is around the corner, I am compelled to give up doing sports. 既然考试迫在眉睫,我不得不放弃做运动。 十九、It is conceivable that +句子(可想而知的) It is obvious that +句子(明显的) It is apparent that +句子(显然的) 例句:It is conceivable that knowledge plays an important role in our life. 可想而知,知识在我们的一生中扮演一个重要的角色。

二十、That is the reason why ~~~(那就是。的原因) 例句:Summer is sultry. That is the reason why I don't like it. 夏天很燠热。

那就是我不喜欢它的原因。、Nothing is + ~~~ er than to + V Nothing is + more +形容词+ than to + V 例句:Nothing is more important than to receive education. 没有比接受教育更重要的事。

三、~~~ cannot emphasize the importance of ~~~ too much. (再怎么强调.:So precious is time that we can't afford to waste it. 时间是如此珍贵..的重要性也不为过、An advantage of ~~~ is that +句子(.. 借着做运动,我们能够始终保持健康:On no account can we ignore the value of knowledge. 我们绝对不能忽略知识的价值。) 例句:We cannot emphasize the importance of protecting our eyes too much,你愈进步。

The more books we read, the more learned we become. 我们书读愈多,我们愈有学问、It is time + S +过去式(该是.、There is no doubt that +句子~~(毫无疑问的。) 例句,我们的生活品质绝对令人不满意。

十一、The + ~er + S + V, ~~~ the + ~er + S + V ~~~ The + more + Adj + S + V, ~~~ the + more + Adj + S + V ~~~(愈。的优点是,..) 例句:An advantage of using the solar energy is that it won't create (produce) any pollution, S + V~~~(虽然.。

十二. Chang is the kindest teacher that I have ever had. 张老师是我曾经遇到最仁慈的教师。


2010年中考英语书面表达热点预测(1) 假如你是李华,在网上看见一位美国网友迈克(Mike)发帖,说很想了解中国最新的卡通片《喜羊羊与灰太狼》(Pleasant Sheep and Big Big Wolf)。

请你根据下列提示给他回贴。提示: 《喜羊羊与灰太狼》是著名卡通编剧黄健最新的作品。

该片以羊和狼两大族群间妙趣横生的争斗为主线,剧情轻松诙谐,情节爆笑,对白幽默,深受小朋友、大朋友甚至老朋友的喜爱。要求:1. 根据提示可适当增加细节,以使行文流畅;2. 不少于80词(贴子的开头和结尾已经给出,不计入总词数)。

参考词汇:卡通编剧cartoon makerDear Mike,______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Yours,Li Hua参考范文Dear Mike, I'd be happy to tell you something about the cartoon Pleasant Sheep and Big Big Wolf. It is Huang Jian's latest cartoon. Huang is a very famous cartoon maker in China. The cartoon tells us stories about how some young and brave sheep fight against the wolves. The stories are very interesting. The sheep and the wolves are very funny. We children, our parents and even our grandparents like to watch it. The sheep have a lot of fans both in China and overseas. If you are looking for entertainment, stay at home and watch it. Don't miss it.Yours,Li Hua(2)为迎接2010年的上海世博会(World Expo 2010 Shanghai China),某英文报社正举办以“How to behave well?”为主题的征文比赛,请你写一篇短文参赛。提示:1. 守时,守信,不撒谎,不说脏话;2. 礼貌待人,热心助人;3. 遵守交通规则;不在公共场所喧哗,不乱扔垃圾。

4. ……_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________参考范文 To welcome World Expo 2010 Shanghai China, we Chinese people should behave well. As a student, I think it's very important to do everything on time and keep promises. Never lie to others or say dirty words. We should be polite to others and ready to help people in need. We'd better not talk loudly in public. Don't throw litter or spit about. And remember to obey traffic rules. Finally, learn to work with others. We need good team work in our life. (3)第16届亚运会将在中国举办,广州成为中国第二个取得亚运会举办权的城市。假设你是亚运会志愿者,在下周的英语角活动中,请你根据下面的表格提示,用英文简单地介绍一下即将举行的这届亚运会的盛况。

要求:80词左右。名称 第16届亚运会时间 2010.11.12-27举办地点 中国广州比赛项目 41项体育馆 43个参赛运动员和领队 14700人参赛国家和地区 45个吉祥物 乐羊羊参考词汇:Asian Games 亚运会 event 项目 team official 领队 mascot 吉祥物 region 地区_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________参考范文The sixteenth Asian Games will be held in Guangzhou, China from November 12th to 27th in 2010. Guangzhou has become the second city in China to host the Asian Games. There will be 41 events in 43 gyms. During the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games, about 14,700 athletes and team officials from 45 Asian countries and regions will come to Guangzhou. The mascot is a group of five goats called “Leyangyang”, which means happy in Chinese. Guangzhou welcomes friends from all Asian countries and regions.(4)秋冬季节是感冒等流行疾病的高发时期,甲型流感等传染性疾病也时有发生。

为了使自己少受疾病危害,日常生活中我们该怎么办?应该注意哪些问题?请就这些问题,给学生英语报写一篇80字左右的征文,谈谈自己的想法。要点:1. 疾病对人们生活的影响;2. 在家、在学校等公共场所应注意哪些问题;3. 日常生活中应该如何养成良好的生活习惯和卫生习惯。

提示词:infectious disease 感染性疾病_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________参考范文 Infectious dise。


1.表文章结构顺序:First of all,Firstly/First,Secondly/Second…

And then,Finally,In the end,At last

2.表并列补充关系的:What is more,Besides,Moreover,Furthermore,In addition

3.表转折对比关系的:However,On the contrary,but

Although+clause( 从句),In spite of+n/doing

On the one hand…On the other hand…

Some…,while others…


So,Thus,Therefore,As a result

5.表换一种方式表达:In other words

6.表进行举例说明:For example,句子; For instance,句子; such as+n./doing

7.表陈述事实:In fact

8.表达自己观点:As far as I know,In my opinion

9.表总结:In short,In a word,In conclusion,In summary


宾语从句举例:I believe Tianjin will be more beautiful and prosperous.

状语从句举例:If everyone does something for the environment, our hometown will become clean and beautiful.

动名词做主语举例:Reading books in the sun is bad for our eyes.

It's bad for our eyes to read books in the sun.


1)时间 when,not…until,as soon as

2)目的 so that+clause; to do(为了)

3)结果 so…that+clause,too…to do(太……以至于……)

4)条件 if,unless(除非),as long as(只要)

5)让步though,although,even though,even if

no matter what/when/where/who/which/how

6)比较as…as…,not so…as…,than


首先:first, firstly, at the first place, the most important comes first第二/其次:then, second, secondly, in the next place第三/最后:third, thirdly, last but not least总之:all in all, in brief, in a word, in short每当提到。

/关于。:When it comes to。

, Referring to。尽一切努力:spare every effort to, try one's best to在我看来/我的观点是:in my opinion, as far as I can see, It appears to me that。

只有这样我们才能。:Only in this way can we。


一、用于驳性和比较性论文1. In general, I don't agree with总的说来,我不同意。

2. In my opinion, this point of view doesn't hold water.在我看来,这种观点并不可靠。3. The chief reason why… is that…最主要的原因是。

4.There is no true that…。

并不真实5. It is not true that…。

并不正确6. It can be easily denied than…。

很容易被推翻7. We have no reason to believe that…我们没有理由相信。

8. What is more serious is that…更为严重的是。

9. But it is pity that…遗憾的是。

10. Besides, we should not neglect that…另外,我们不能忽略。

11. But the problem is not so simple. Therefore…但问题并不简单。所以。

12. Others may find this to be true, but I believer that…有的人可能认为这是正确的,但我认为13. Perhaps I was question why…我对。

又疑问14. There is a certain amount of truth in this, but we still have a problem with regard to…这里包含了很多事实,但如果我们关注。


15. Though we are in basic agreement with…,but虽然我们都承认。


16. What seems to be the trouble is…现在的问题是。

17. Yet differences will be found, that's why I feel that…这些差别导致我感觉到。

18. It would be reasonable to take the view that …, but it would be foolish to claim that…有。



19. There is in fact on reason for us so believe that…我们有理由相信。

20. What these people fail to consider is that…这些人没有认识到的是。

21. It is one thing to insist that… , it is quite another to show that …这是一个可以支持。


22. Wonderful as A is , however, it has its own disadvantages too.像A这样好的东西也有自己的缺点23. The advantages of B are much greater than A.比起A来,B的优势更为显著24. A's advantage sounds ridiculous when B's advantages are taken into consideration.如果你考虑到B的优势,你会发现A的优势是多么的可笑二、用于描写图表和数据1. It has increased by three times as compared with that of 1998.2. There is an increase of 20% in total this year.3. It has been increased by a factor of 4since 1995.4. It would be expected to increase 5 times.5. The table shows a three times increase over that of last year.6. It was decreased twice than that of the year 1996.7. The total number was lowered by 10%.8. It rose from 10-15 percent of the total this year.9. Compared with 1997, it fell from 15 to 10 percent.10. The number is 5 times as much as that of 1995.11. It has decreased almost two and half times, compared with…三、用于解释性和阐述性论说文1.Everybody knows that…2.It can be easily proved that…3. It is true that…4. No one can deny that5. One thing which is equally important to the above mentioned is…6. The chief reason is that…7. We must recognize that…8. There is on doubt that…9. I am of the opinion that…10. This can be expressed as follows; 11. To take …for an example…12. We have reason to believe that13. Now that we know that…14. Among the most convincing reasons given, one should be mentioned…15. The change in …largely results from the fact that16. There are several causes for this significant growth in…,first …,second …,finally…17. A number of factors could account for the development in…18. Perhaps the primary reason is…19. It is chiefly responsible of…20. The reasons for…are complicated, And probably they are found in the fact…21. Here are several possible reasons, excerpt that…22. Somebody believes/argues/holds/insists/thinks that…23. It is not simple to give the reason for this complicated phenomenon…24. Different people observes it in different ways.四、用于文章的开头1. As the proverb says…2. It goes without saying tan…3. Generally speaking…4. It is quite clear than because…5. It is often said that …6. Many people often ask such question:“…?”7. More and more people have come to realize…8. There is no doubt that…9. Some people believe that…10. These days we are often told that, but is this really the case?11. One great man said that…12. Recently the issue of… has been brought to public attention. 13. In the past several years there has been…14. Now it is commonly held that… but I doubt whether…15. Currently there is a widespread concern that…16. Now people in growing number are coming to realize that…17. There is a general discussion today about the issue of …18. Faced with…, quite a few people argue that…, but other people conceive differently.五、用于文章的结尾1. from this point of view…2. in a word…3. in conclusion…4. on account of this we can find that…5. the result is dependent on…。


Recently, the problem of … has aroused people's concern. 最近,……问题已引起人们的关注. The Internet has been playing an increasingly important role in our day-to-day life. It has brought a lot of benefits but has created some serious problems as well. 互联网已在我们的生活中扮演着越来越重要的角色.它给我们带来了许多好处,但也产生了一些严重的问题. Nowadays, (overpopulation) has become a problem we have to face. 如今,(人口过剩)已成为我们不得不面对的问题了. It is commonly believed that … / It is a common belief that … 人们一般认为…… Many people insist that … 很多人坚持认为…… With the development of science and technology, more and more people believe that… 随着科技的发展,越来越多的人认为…… A lot of people seem to think that … 很多人似乎认为…… 引出不同观点: People's views on … vary from person to person. Some hold that …. However, others believe that….人们对……的观点因人而异.有些人认为……,然而其他人却认为…… People may have different opinions on …人们对……可能会有不同的见解. Attitudes towards (drugs) vary from person to person.人们对待吸毒的态度因人而异. There are different opinions among people as to …关于……,人们的观点大不相同. Different people hold different attitudes toward (failure). 对(失败)人们的态度各不相同。

结尾 Taking all these factors into consideration, we naturally come to the conclusion that… 把所有这些因素加以考虑,我们自然会得出结论…… Taking into account all these factors, we may reasonably come to the conclusion that … 考虑所有这些因素,我们可能会得出合理的结论…… Hence/Therefore, we'd better come to the conclusion that … 因此,我们最好得出这样的结论…… There is no doubt that (job-hopping) has its drawbacks as well as merits. 毫无疑问,跳槽有优点也有缺点. All in all, we cannot live without … But at the same time we must try to find out new ways to cope with the problems that would arise. 总之,我们没有…是无法生活的.但同时,我们必须寻求新的解决办法来对付可能出现的新问题. 提出建议: It is high time that we put an end to the (trend).该是我们停止这一趋势的时候了. It is time to take the advice of … and to put special emphasis on the improvement of … 该是采纳……的建议,并对……的进展给予特殊重视的时候了。 There is no doubt that enough concern must be paid to the problem of … 毫无疑问,对……问题应予以足够的重视. Obviously, … If we want to do something … , it is essential that … 显然,如果我们想做某事,很重要的是… Only in this way can we … 只有这样,我们才能…… It must be realized that …我们必须意识到…… 预示后果: Obviously, if we don't control the problem, the chances are that … will lead us in danger. 很明显,如果我们不能控制这一问题,很有可能我们会陷入危险. No doubt, unless we take effective measures, it is very likely that … 毫无疑问,除非我们采取有效措施,很可能会…… It is urgent that immediate measures should be taken to stop the situation. 很紧迫的是,应立即采取措施阻止这一事态的发展. 论证 From my point of view, it is more reasonable to support the first opinion rather than the second. 在我看来,支持第一种观点比支持第二种观点更有道理. I cannot entirely agree with the idea that …我无法完全同意这一观点…… Personally, I am standing on the side of …就个人而言,我站在……的一边. I sincerely believe that …我真诚地相信…… In my opinion, it is more advisable to do … than to do …. 在我个人看来,做……比做……更明智. Finally, to speak frankly, there is also a more practical reason why … 给出原因: This phenomenon exists for a number of reasons. First, … Second, … Third, … 这一现象的存在是有许多原因的.首先,……;第二,,……;第三,…… Why did …? For one thing …,for another …. Perhaps the primary reason is&hellip请按一下手机右上角的采纳哦~谢谢。


初中英语作文常见句型 以下是短文写作中使用率最高、覆盖面最广的基本句式,每组句式的功能相同或相似,考生可根据自己的情况选择其中的1-2个,做到能够熟练正确地仿写或套用。

1.表示原因 1)There are three reasons for this. 2)The reasons for this are as follows. 3)The reason for this is obvious. 4)The reason for this is not far to seek. 5)The reason for this is that。 6)We have good reason to believe that。

例如: There are three reasons for the changes that have taken place in our life.Firstly,people's living standard has been greatly improved.Secondly,most people are well paid, and they can afford what they need or like.Last but not least,more and more people prefer to enjoy modern life. 注:如考生写第一个句子没有把握,可将其改写成两个句子。如:Great changes have taken place in our life. There are three reasons for this.这样写可以避免套用中的表达失误。

2.表示好处 1)It has the following advantages. 2)It does us a lot of good. 3)It benefits us quite a lot. 4)It is beneficial to us. 5)It is of great benefit to us. 例如: Books are like friends.They can help us know the world better,and they can open our minds and widen our horizons.Therefore,reading extensively is of great benefit to us. 3.表示坏处 1)It has more disadvantages than advantages. 2)It does us much harm. 3)It is harmfulto us. 例如: However,everything dividesinto two.Television can also be harmful to us.It can do harm to our health and make us lazy if we spend too much time watching televi- sion. 4.表示重要、必要、困难、方便、可能 1)It is important(necessary,difficult,convenient, possible)for sb.to do sth. 2)We think it necessary to do sth. 3)It plays an important role in our life. 例如: Computers are now being used everywhere,whether in the government,in schools or in business.Soon, computers will be found in every home,too.We have good reason to say that computers are playing an increasingly important role in our life and we have stepped into the Computer Age. 5.表示措施 1)We should take some effective measures. 2)We should try our best to overcome(conquer)the difficulties. 3)We should do our utmost in doing sth. 4)We should solve the problems that we are confronted(faced)with. 例如: The housing problem that we are confronted with is becoming more and more serious.Therefore,we must take some effective measures to solve it. 6.表示变化 1)Some changes have taken place in the past five years. 2)A great change will certainly be produced in the world's communications. 3)The computer has brought about many changes in education. 例如: Some changes have taken place in people's diet in the past five years.The major reasons for these changes are not far to seek.Nowadays,more and more people are switching from grain to meat for protein,and from fruit and vegetable to milk for vitamins. 7.表示事实、现状 1)We cannot ignore the fact that。 2)No one can deny the fact that。

3)There is no denying the fact that。 4)This is a phenomenon that many people are interested in. 5)However,that's not the case. 例如: We cannot ignore the fact that industrialization brings with it the problems of pollution.To solve these problems, we can start by educating the public about the hazards of pollution.The government on its part should also design stricter laws to promote a cleaner environment. 8.表示比较 1)Compared with A,B。

2)I prefer to read rather than watch TV. 3)There is a striking contrast between them. 例如: Compared with cars,bicycles have several advantages besides being affordable.Firstly,they do not consume natural resources of petroleum.Secondly,they do not cause the pollution problem.Last but not least,they contribute to people's health by giving them due physical exercise. 9.表示数量 1)It has increased(decreased)from。to。

2)The population in this city has now increased (decreased)to 800,000. 3)The output of July in this factory increased by 15% compared with that of January. 例如: With the improvement of the living standard,the proportion of people's income spent on food has decreased while that spent on education has increased. 再如: From the graph listed above,itcan be seen that student use of computers has increased from an average of less than two hours per week in 1990 to 20 hours in 2000. 注:“From the graph listed above,it can be seen that”见句式12。考生将句式9和句式12结合在一起,便可较好地写出2002年6月CET -4、6短文写作的第一段。

10.表示看法 1)People have(take,adopt,assume)different attitudes towards sth. 2)People have different opinions on this problem. 3)People take different views 。


中考英语作文必背的80个句子 中考英语书面表达必背句"句子就是财富,句子就是一切",这些句子是从近百篇英语优秀作文中摘录下来并经反复推敲提炼而成的。

对于复习时间短,基础较薄弱的朋友能够在短期内熟悉且背诵这些经典句子无疑是准备英语考试的"捷径". 中考英语作文万能句子 /f?kz=413846095。


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本文主要为您介绍摩擦力的大小和书面有关,内容包括摩擦力的大小与什么有关,摩擦力的大小和什么有关,摩擦力的大小与什么因素有关。·小学科学:《运动与摩擦力》教学设计及反思小学科学:《运动与摩擦力》教学设计及反思 乾潭一小 周群 教学目




本文主要为您介绍潮汕虱母猴书面怎么写,内容包括请问有谁知道潮汕话的“虱母猴”的书面名,虱母仙(潮汕)是什么意思《法语助手》法汉,潮汕话客仔猴是什么意思。虱母仙 (潮汕) - 潮汕传说中的明朝风水师。邹普胜,麻城花桥(今属湖北)人。元末农民起义




















本文主要为您介绍无书面合同借贷,内容包括借贷没有书面合同可以成立吗,无书面协议可否认定为借贷关系,法院对此如何认定,没有订立书面借款协议,我能拿回来我的钱吗。不可以。无担保 - 无需任何抵押、无需任何担保,您的信用就是最好的贷款通




本文主要为您介绍幼儿园扩宽面积书面报告,内容包括幼儿园扩班申请书,民办幼儿园怎样写办园许可证过期后的书面报告,民办幼儿园申请建设用地的报告。幼儿园名称:幼儿园性质:自愿举办,从事教育事业的民办非企业法人单位。基本情况:建立时间: 我园




















本文主要为您介绍摩擦力的大小和书面有关,内容包括摩擦力的大小与什么有关,摩擦力的大小和什么有关,摩擦力的大小与什么因素有关。·小学科学:《运动与摩擦力》教学设计及反思小学科学:《运动与摩擦力》教学设计及反思 乾潭一小 周群 教学目




本文主要为您介绍潮汕虱母猴书面怎么写,内容包括请问有谁知道潮汕话的“虱母猴”的书面名,虱母仙(潮汕)是什么意思《法语助手》法汉,潮汕话客仔猴是什么意思。虱母仙 (潮汕) - 潮汕传说中的明朝风水师。邹普胜,麻城花桥(今属湖北)人。元末农民起义




本文主要为您介绍近5英语高考书面表达,内容包括我想知道近5年的英语高考作文题目,高考英语书面表达题型,高考英语书面表达题型及其范文。2004年高考英语作文 全国卷I & II 2004年全国卷I英语作文 第二节 书面表达(满分25分) 假设你是李华,你在
















本文主要为您介绍大学生户口转移书面申请书,内容包括大学迁户口申请书,户口迁移的书面申请怎么写,户口迁移个人申请范文。大学迁户口申请书如下格式:大学生迁户口申请书 学生户口迁移申请书范本____________派出所:本人_______,________